I have a love affair with poetry

A love affair so deep

I wake with desire for it

And go to sleep dreaming about it

Dreaming about beautiful words

Floating through my mind

Like music notes playing out soft sounds

Transcending the hands of time

Until I wake again – my desire only increased

To tell my story; and write my poetry

Before those beautiful hands of time become unforgiving

And I lose another rhyme

Another possibility for a great poem

Another opportunity to express and love me

So I need to love my poetry

And express my love so loud

I am screaming from the top of my lungs

And I cannot control my lover’s desire

For my poetry!

To read it, and write it, and hear it, and love it

More passionately than what a man can provide

More dearly than what a friend can establish

Because it’s a love that’s all mine

Mine to explore

Mine to exact

Mine to embody

Mine to leave behind for the future

Fur the future of language

The future of love

The future of mankind

To feel my lover’s desire

So electrifying

So awe-inspiring

They can’t help but hear my poetry

And fall in love with poetry too

Fall in love with being inspired

Being empowered

And being a poem’s desire

Because poems do not write themselves

Poems come from us

They come from the depths of our beautiful minds

From our experiences and opinions combined

From being inspired

Falling in love

Falling apart

Poetry is there for us to embark

To take it in

Let it out

And let the poet’s inspiration be our cure

Let it be our guide

To live a beautiful life

Filled with love, laughter and strife

Filled with passion, pain and desire

Filled with a poet’s desire

…Filled with poetry


-Katie Rose Waechter

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