Breathe In

Take in all that’s bad
All the wrong
And all that’s sad

Hold it in, your growing fears
But don’t let out
Your wanting tears

Reality now hits the heart
But when one things ends
Another starts

The bad begins to make you frown
But hold in that breath
Don’t stay down

Every person young and old
All the bad…
It hurts the soul

But don’t panic yet, your lungs can hold
Everything you know
Beings to set

Know the bad
Know the worse
Know all that started first

Breathe Out

Let it out, the bad you took
But now, don’t let
Yourself work

Leave in the dreams you love so much
Keep them strong
Make them touch

Know the fears, but store them away
Save the fears
For another day

Taking the reality, but turn it around
Find the good
From the down

Let out the air you held so long
Let your soul
Sing its song

See the good from the bad
You will no longer
Feel the sad

Let the good settle in your heart
Now be ready
For a new start

-Katie Rose Waechter

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