I want to write poems that inspire
I want the whole world to read my words
And feel a new sense of power
I don’t need my name to be recognized
Or my face to be famous
I just want people to hear my words of wisdom
And feel the need to make a change
Make a change in optimism
Make a change for the better of existence
Because somebody’s got to look out for us
When we won’t
And we don’t
And we don’t even care
And we don’t even try
And we don’t even want to
Because we are so damn comfortable
In our everyday living
With our smart phones and laptops
And tablets and who knows what’s next
Is this really our best?
So I want my words to really make
Our best our best
And to not rest
Until a difference has been made
And our path upwards has been set
Because this downward spiral
Can only go down so far
Until we hit rock bottom
And the regrets start to set in
Because we can no longer fix
The damage that has been done
Or put the bullet back in the gun
Whatever that bullet may be
Because you see
Bullets are not only made of lead and steel
They can be made of pills or oil spills
Disease epidemics, environmental pollution, and nuclear missile testing’s
Our bullets are like illusions
Not only leaving twenty children dead without reason
But leaving us to not compromise
Or come together
But to argue
And ask ourselves
What are we fighting for?
If not for each other
But our differences, our politics
Our religions and even our brothers
Keeps us from actually working together
And I want that to change damnit!
I want my poetry to make it happen!
To make the world see how’ve foolish we’ve been
Not truly living up to our living
Our ability to love and laugh
And make the world better
One step at a time
One light to make shine
No day declined
Until every stomach is fed
Every soul is fulfilled
And every heart finds love
And our questions no longer be about
Who will die today for no reason
But who will live next to make a difference
But that’s not enough!
I want my poetry to make you look in the mirror
And see you can be the one to make the difference
Because you’re the one that’s here
And damnit if you or I don’t get up and try
Then who else will?

Katie Rose Waechter

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