I have no money

When we were kids, money was a thing of the future

Or the past, whichever came first

Dollars spent on candy and other things that don’t last

But gives so much joy in the moments of childhood,

How it goes by so fast

And moments are lost to memories

Which are, in turn, lost to time

Because how can I possibly remember all those moments

When time goes by so fast

Or slow, depending on your age

While kids count the seconds to their next adventure

I can barely count the hours in a day

But wonder all the same how much time disappears

With nothing to show for it

All my plans and dreams of success

Are still so far away

But I remain stuck

Like a kid in quick sand

I scream and fight while time sinks me further

Knowing I will turn it around, but still sinking down

Under bills and bad relationships, and

Sitting 15 hours a day

I wish I was a kid again

At least I could run around

– Katie Rose Waechter 

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