Why are we so quick to judge one another
Divide our feelings and our facts
In our inability to look past
Red or blue
The left or the right
Me versus you
Must we always be divided
And always be one sided
Why are we so quick to hate one another
When the men in Texas with the conservative views
Are made the same way
With the same heart and skin and DNA
As the democrats living in Santa Cruz
And that if we stop looking past our political and ideological differences
People can truly come to see
How much alike we really can be
Why must we be so quick to argue with one another
When our arguments leave us no where
Our refusal to get along only leaves our future generations impaired
Yet we walk around with our haughty pride
Because we know we’re the ones who are right?
But when everyone thinks they’re right
And everyone else is wrong
The numbers don’t add up
And who’s left wronged?
Our children
And our future.
Those who haven’t even learned to argue yet
And still just want to have fun and get along
Why are we so quick to blame one another
And never admit when we are wrong
Yet we have the right
To tell others they don’t belong
Because they’re different
They have the same figures and facts
But they bisect or dissect those facts
And think more or less abstract
More or less compact
More or less trapped
In their own thoughts
Their own history
Their own reality
And see reality is what you say it is
We don’t see the world as it really is
We see it as we want to see it
We see it through a dirty lens
We see it with blind eyes
And even blinder ears
Refusing to listen
To those who are different
They must be ignorant or idiots or vile
Because they see the world we see
But still disagree
But that’s just it
They don’t see the world we see
You don’t see the world I see
And that doesn’t make me evil or ignorant
Or the epitome of idiocy
So why are we so quick to judge one another
When the world is different in everyone’s view
Things are not only black or white
And their grays are easy to misconstrue
So instead of hating and blaming
He or she
For being different from you
Listen to their point of view
And then why don’t you try
A little thing called compromise

– Katie Rose Waechter

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